What we do.


toll compounding

By using the latest co-rotating twin screw compounding technology with flexible screw lengths, fully wear and corrosion protected and ready for processing temperatures up to 390°C, we produce 24/7.

Once the compounding line is adapted to the required technology with up to 3 side feeders, multiple degassing possibilities and highly flexible setup of gravimetric feeders, nothing will hold us back to produce full truck loads of custom made compounds and masterbatches.

infrared crystallization

A truly unique opportunity that we are offering is loan manufacturing on our infrared rotary drum or IRD. It can be used to dry bulk materials from pellets to regrind to, flakes. A lot of thermoplastic materials are suited to be processed by the IRD. The main application for the IRD is drying and crystallization of PET.

Connected with our state-of-the-art twin screw compounding, we are able to offer the combination of two extraordinary technologies and realize projects that stayed a dream for a long time. In-line pre- and post-drying or crystallization make it possible to produce without intermediate storage or logistical steps and help reducing overall cost.

trial compounding

Ever wondered how your material and recipe will behave on an industrial scale compounding line? Leave it to us, to get things running.

Starting from a few kilogramm we make use of our broad knowlegde about processing and polymer chemistry to get the desired result.

powder & pellet blending

Free flowing pellets, glakes and regrind materials can be blended with or vertical cone scrwe mixers. For powders make use auf a free fall blender with batch operations in small hoppers. Besides we run a quick mixer with the possibility to apply controlled shear to break agglomerates and have an optimum mixing result.

packaging and storage

We are operating about 2.500 sqm of storage space in separate buidlings to separate certain materials. Some part of the space is equipped with storage racks to make optimized use of the space.

Our packaging equipment is designed to fill all kind of packing according to the needs and specifications of our customers. By this we can pack valve bags, sealed bags with aluminum layer, octabins with PE inliner or sealed aluminum inliner, big bags of different format, drums and cardboard boxes with inner bags.